About Us

First in the region

Texas Food Solutions (TFS) is the first company in Houston, Texas, providing commercial High Pressure Processing (HPP) tolling to Southeast Texas and Louisiana.

High Pressure Processing

HPP cold pasteurizes foods and beverages by uniformly applying extreme hydrostatic pressure. When used in place of heat pasteurization or additives, the process results in safer products with a fresher taste and overall better appearance, texture, and nutrition.

Lean More About HPP
High Capacity

Texas Food Solutions has a large facility, room for 4 HPP lines, and plenty of HPP capacity. We will work to start your product quickly!

We take care of you

We are processors and know how to treat processors. We can handle huge variety of different post-HPP processing options.

We guide you

We will work with you, from beginning to end, on getting HPP-ready and going.

You’re safe with us

We take your business details and confidentiality seriously; we won’t talk about your product and numbers unless you want us to do so.

You can rely on us

Engineer always on site; machine maintenance and safety are first class business processes for us.